Service: Provision of Financial/Material assistance in Crisis situation

Client: Person in crisis situation (Elderly, Youth, Disabled, Children, Women)

StepsProcess/ActivityDurationRequirementsFeesPerson ResponsibleLocation
ClientService Provider
1Register at visitor’s logbookGive logbook to client1 mins.  Guard on dutyOPSWD
2 Direct client to staff concern1 mins  Guard on dutyOPSWD
3Undergo interviewConduct interview/assessment10 mins.  Social WorkerOPSWD
4Secure & submit requirementsWorker prepares cert. of eligibility w/ supporting documents submitted by client10 minsFor Medical Assistance:   Medical prescription, Billing statement, Laboratory request, Case study prepared by MSWDO in the municipality where the client resides. Social WorkerOPSWD
5 PSWDO sign  cert. of elgibility, voucher, OBR w/ attached documents5 mins  E. CastroOPSWD
6 Forward to budget Office for processing5 mins.  E. Castro/L. buenoOPSWD

Service:  Provision of Services to victims of Violence

Client: Persons victim RAPE, CICL, BATTERED WOMEN

StepsProcess/ActivityDurationRequirementsFeesPerson ResponsibleLocation
ClientService Provider
1Register at client’s logbookGive client’s  logbook1 min.  Guard on dutyOPSWD
2Undergo interviewIntake/interview and counseling1 hour  Social Worker/OPSWD staffOPSWD
3Go MHO/PHO for medical treatment/check upAccompany client for medical exam.1 hourMedical Certificate Social worker/OPSWD staffOPSWD
4Go to PNP for investigationAccompany client to PNP for blotter/interrogation1 hour  Social Worker/OPSWD staff 
5 Coordinate w/ PNP for immediate inquest of perpetrator.10 mins.  -do- 
6 Conduct dialogue w/ both parties for them to come out whatever decisions they have to make2-4 hours  Social Worker/PSWDOOPSWD
7 Conduct counseling on the victim and family to cope up w/ present situation2 hours  Social WorkerOPSWD

Service: Provision of Assistance to OSY, ISY, Disabled Youth, and Rebel Returnees

StepsProcess/ActivityDurationRequirementsFeesPerson ResponsibleLocation
ClientService Provider
1Register to client’s logbookGive the logbook1 min.  Guard on dutyOPSWD
 a) OSY/ISY   submit letter request and project proposalEvaluate the request & project proposals1 hourLetter request, project proposals and certification from the barangay YDO, Social WorkersOPSWD
  Attached needed documents and endorse to the LCE or DSWD for funding    OPSWD
1b) Former Rebels   Register at the logbookGive the logbook1 min  Guard on dutyOPSWD
2Report to PSWDO and submit Tactical Interrogation reportConduct interview/counseling30 mins.Tactical Interrogation Report   Picture/residence certificate Focal person,  Social WorkersOPSWD
3 Assess needs of client30 mins.  -do-OPSWD
4 Release emergency assistance    OPSWD
5 Recommend to the LCE/OPAPP for livelihood assitance     
6 Home visit for other follow thru services     
7c) Disabled   Register to client’s logbookGive the logbook1 min.  Guard on dutyOPSWD
8 Intake/interview20 mins.  Social Worker,OPSWD staff 
9 Assessment30 mins.  Social Worker 
10 Recommend for assistive device2 hoursCase Study Report Social WorkerOPSWD
11Received assistive device/sign RISRelease assistive device3 mins    

Service:  Accreditation of Day Care Centers

Client: Day Care Workers

StepsProcess/ActivityDurationRequirementsFeesPerson ResponsibleLocation
ClientService Provider
1Present required documents in the accreditationEvaluate/assess documents2 hourBuilding, records, center structure DCW focal person, OPSWD staff trainedDay Care Center
2Prepare/present program materials, devices neededVerify and check list of materials/devices required1 hourProgram materials   
3Actual conduct of sessionObservation/interview30 mins15 pre-schoolers or monre   
4 Discuss partial findings and recommendations on the evaluation1 hour    

Service: Rescue operations of Minor’s working in videoke bars/night spots


StepsProcess/ActivityDurationRequirementsFeesPerson ResponsibleLocation
ClientService Provider
1Concern citizen report the presence of minor’s on videoke barsReceived reports re: presence of minors on said establishment3 mins.Report PSWDO & all staffOPSWD
2 Verify the veracity of the report1 hour  PSWDO 
3 Coordinate with DOLE/PNP/CIDG/NBI1 hour  PSWDO 
4 Coordination meeting30 mins  PSWDO 
5 Rescue operations8 hours  PSWDO & all staff 
6 Interview & counseling of rescued minors15 mins./clientBirth cetificate PSWDO & staffOPSWD
7 Turn-over rescued minors to DSWD for possible reintegration to their families5 hours    

Service:  Provision of Relief assistance during Disaster

Client: Families/victims of disaster

StepsProcess/ActivityDurationRequirementsFeesPerson ResponsibleLocation
ClientService Provider
1Report to barangay. officialsConduct ocular survey to determine extent of damages2 hoursReports from BDCC/MDCC   Pictures SOO IV/Social Workers, all available staffOPSWD
2Client undergo interviewConduct interview and counseling10 mins.  Social workersOPSWD
3Sign distribution sheet/received assistanceRelease the assistance/Relief operations3 mins.  Storekeeper, all staffOPSWD