Nutrition Program Services Division


PNC as prime mover on the promotion, protection and sustenance of a nutritionally improved Quirino, with self-sustaining people, who live in a happy, healthy and productive environment, through community united in action.


To foster convergence among stakeholders, through strengthened partnership, towards the provision of holistic and integrated programs and services, that will realize a healthy and well nourished community.


  1. Improved Nutritional Status of the populace
  2. Self-sustained healthy community
  3. Strengthened partnership among stakeholders and end-users/clients
  4. Readily accessible nutrition services


  1. Ensure efficient and effective secretariat services for the Provincial Nutrition Program by ensuring complete and accurate documents and data
  2. Promote good nutrition among general populace by organizing and coordinating Nutrition Information, Communication and Education (NICE) activities
1. Provision of Technical Assistance in the conduct of nutrition events in coordination with partner agencies and Local Government Units(PNC, MNC, BNC, BNS, Schools and populace) Provides information note/ letter for a particular activity    Coordinates with partner agencies /LGUs to come up with a plan and for tasking support    Ms. Luningning P. Rhodes or Ms. Rhea Joyce S. De Vera PGO-NPSD Staff      1 day    Information note/letter      –    Nutrition Program Services Division (NPSD)
 Participates in the activityFacilitates the conduct of the activityPGO-NPSD Staff & Partner Agencies/ Organizations  1-2 days or Depending on the duration of the activity  Program of activity  –Venue of the activity
  Prepares reports of accomplishmentsPGO-NPSD StaffWaiting TimeDocuments (photos and notes)NPSD
2. Provision of Technical Assistance on Nutrition Program Management (NPM) and other trainings(PNC, MNC and/or other agencies)   Presents request letter for assistance    Acknowledges the request and asks the clients sign in the visitors logbook.    PGO-NPSD Staff    3 minutes    Request letter    –  NPSD  
 Registers in the logbook indicating his/her purposeAttaches Action Slip for Nutrition Officer to approve such request    PGO-NPSD Staff  3 minutes  Logbook  –NPSD
 Waits for the result of the requestNutrition Officer (Division Head) decides and signs responsible person to provide assistanceMs. Luningning P. Rhodes   3-10 minutes    –  –NPSD
  Responsible person prepares the necessary technical assistance neededMs. Luningning P. Rhodes & PGO-NPSD Staff  1-2 daysNotes on Activity to be done  –  NPSD
3. Coordination on the conduct of PNC/ NPC/BNS Meetings(partner Agencies/ MNPCs, MNCs, BNCs, BNSs)Prepares letter of invitation for signature of PNAO or PNC Chairperson  PGO-NPSD Staff  15 minutes  Letter  –  NPSD
 Acknowledges letter of invitation and gives confirmationDisseminates letters of invitation and gets confirmationPGO-NPSD Staff1 – 2 daysTravel OrderNPSD
  Prepares materials needed  PGO-NPSD Staff1 dayBased on the agenda/discussion to be discussedNPSD
 Attends scheduled meeting   Participates actively in the discussion of agendaFacilitates the conduct of the meetings   Provides Technical Assistance Take proceedings of meetings/conferences/activitiesMs. Luningning P. Rhodes   PGO-NPSD Staff  2 – 8 hoursAgenda, Minutes of meetingProgram of activityVenue of the meeting/ conference/ activity
  Prepares minutes of meetings,  PGO-NPSD Staff2-3 days after the activityMinutes of meeting,    –NPSD
4. Provision of nutrition information education (includes IEC materials)(PNC, MNC, MNPC, Teachers, Students, Parents/Mothers, other agencies) Presents request letter, invitation and program of activity/schedule(for activities such as classes, orientations etc.)     Acknowledges the request. Verify Calendar of Activities if there’s no conflict of schedules        PGO-NPSD Staff        10-15 minutes or depending on the activity        Request letter, invitation letter, program of activity          –          NPSD
 Signs in the logbook indicating his/her purpose      
 Listens/Participates/Clarifies unclear topicsAttends classes/Discusses topics assignedMs. Luningning P. Rhodes Ms. Rhea Joyce S. De Vera1-3 days or depending on the lectures/ topics to be discussed  –  –  Venue of the activity
 2. Presents letter of request (in some cases it is verbally requested)   Signs in the logbook(for IEC materials) Acknowledges request. Verify the availability of IEC materials requested. Inform and confirms to the Nutrition Officer (Division Head) if request of the client will be approved or not.  PGO-NPSD Staff  1 day  Letter of request   NPSD
 Sign acknowledgement receipt of IEC materials requested.If approved, IEC materials (depending on the available stock) will be provided. If not approved, explain the reason.PGO-NPSD Staff1 dayAcknowledgement receiptNPSD
5.Maintenance of Nutrition Databank and provision of nutrition data(PNC, MNC, BNC, BNS and walk in clients) Presents request letter (in some cases it’s verbally requested)    Acknowledges the request and asks clients sign in the visitor’s logbook.    PGO-NPSD Staff    1 day    Request letter/note    –    NPSD
 Register in the logbook indicating his/her purpose.Check the availability of data needed by the client. Informs and confirms the client if the data needed is available (latest available data)  PGO-NPSD Staff  1 day  Logbook  –  NPSD
  Prepares and provide the data needed by the clientPGO-NPSD Staff1 dayAcknowledgement receipt/logbookNPSD
6.Coordination for Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS) Program a.Prepares project proposal on National Travelling allowance and accident insurance(MNC, NPC, BNC)     Submit updated list of BNS (by MNPC)      Consolidates updated list of BNS.        Ms. Luningning P. Rhodes Mr. Noel B. Taguding    7 days or depending upon complete submission of updated list      Updated list of BNS per municipality          –      NPSD
  Prepare/Update the BNS project proposal for recommendation of the Provincial Governor to the National Nutrition Council on the request for BNS program. (Deadline of submission to NNC Regional Office-June 30 every year)Ms. Luningning P. Rhodes Mr. Noel B. Taguding1-7 days or depends on the availability of the Provincial GovernorBNS Project proposalNPSD
  Submit the project proposal to the National Nutrition CouncilMs. Luningning P. Rhodes or other PGO-NPSD Staff BNS Project proposal, letter of endorsement /transmittal NNC-RFO2
  Turnovers the fund (cheque) to the Provincial Treasurers Office for acknowledgementMr. Noel B. TagudingDepends on the arrival of the fund (cheque)Acknowledgement through official receipt PTO/Bank
  Prepares and submit payroll for processingMr. Noel B. Taguding or other admin. staff2 daysPayroll NPSD
  Coordinate with MNPC and BNS president for the release of BNS National support from  cashier (through letter, text message or phone call)Mr. Noel B. Taguding or other PGO-NPSD Staff1 dayLetter or printed text message–  NPSD
  Submit liquidation to NNCMr. Noel B. Taguding or other PGO-NPSD Staff1-2 daysReceipt from PTO NNC-RFO2
b. Preparation of financial paper for Provincial BNS incentives Prepares/Submits payroll for processingMr. Noel B. Taguding or other admin. Staff1 dayPayroll PBO, OPAc, PTO
  Coordinates with MNPC and BNS president for the release of BNS Provincial Honorarium (through letter, text message or phone call)Mr. Noel B. Taguding1 hourLetter or printed text message Municipality
7.Conduct of inventory of Nutrition Measurement tool(MNC, NPC, BNC, BNS)Conducts inventory and/or collects inventory report from MNCs, BNCs on nutrition measurement toolMs. Rhea Joyce S. De Vera Inventory of weight and height measurement tool per municipality Municipality NPSD
1. Conduct of Monitoring and Evaluation of Local Level Plan Implementation (MELLPI) Pro(PNC, MNC, BNC, BNS, populace) Receives the letter/ information note for the activity  Takes appropriate action by making initial steps prior to the event (preparation of letters, forms, other materials)    PGO-NPSD staff    7 days (1 week before schedule)    None    –    NPSD
 Clients presents documentsConduct monitoring and evaluation based on the approved schedule and procedureMs. Luningning P. Rhodes and PNC Evaluation Team7 days for municipal Nutrition Committee   7 days for Barangay Nutrition Committee   7 days for Barangay Nutrition Scholars   Note: Schedule for approval of the PNAO of PNC Chairperson (done twice a year)Documents to look into by the responsible person: (minutes/ proceedings of meetings, trainings, orientations, activities conducted, capability buildings; attendance sheet, letter/ communications (as supporting documents of the conducted PPAs); AOs/EOs; resolutions; ordinances; M/BNAP; accomplishment reports; plans; budgetary requirements (AIP, PPMP, ELA, etc.); OPT PS/SC; databank; inventory of height & weight scale; list of families with malnourished children; list of fam. w/ malnourished children provided with livelihood assistance/financial assistance/provided w/ seeds or seedlings/health and nutrition services and other nutrition-related PPAs; list of pregnant/lactating women, etc. Municipality/ Barangay to be evaluated
  Prepare monitoring evaluation report and present to PNC memberProvincial Nutrition Evaluation Team (PNET)5-7 daysMonitoring and evaluation result/feedback All municipalities and selected barangays
1. Coordination for the formulation of Provincial Nutrition Action Plan (PNAP)(PNC members, MNC, MNAO or NO) Receives and acknowledges letter of invitation/ notification letterPrepares letter of invitation/notification letter for signature of the Provincial Nutrition Action Officer or PNC ChairpersonPGO-NPSD Staff(Total of 20 days to accomplish the services) 15-30 minutes    Letter of invitation/ Notification letter     NPSD
  Disseminates letters of invitationPGO-NPSD Staff1-2 days NPSD
 Attends planning activity and submit agency plan-Present nutrition situation or problems. -Facilitate identification of possible interventions. -Provides technical assistance on the selection of possible interventions. -Facilitate formulation of Nutrition ObjectivesMs. Luningning P. Rhodes   Ms. Rhea Joyce S. De Vera  1-2 days  Attendance, Agency plan on nutrition program   Selected venue for the activity
  Consolidates packages of nutrition plan from PNC member agencies for review and approval of their agency specific plan  PGO-NPSD Staff20 days or more depends if the agency plans are completely submitted  Draft/Consolidated PNAP  –  NPSD
 Notes if there are corrections       Signs planPresents consolidated PNAP to the PNC member agencies for review and approval of their agency specific plan  PGO-NPSD Staff1 day for the presentation of plan     7 days or more depends on the availability of the concerned person        PNAP     Office of PNC member agency
  Submits formulated/ consolidated PNAP to Provincial Governor for approval  PGO-NPSD StaffDepends on the availability of the Provincial Governor  PNAP     PGO
  Prepares letter for signature of the Provincial Governor endorsing the PNAP to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan requesting for its adoption and integration to the Provincial Development Framework Plan and supporting its implementation  Ms. Luningning P. Rhodes  15 minutes  PNAP   Legislative Building
2. Coordination for the preparation and consolidation of PNAP accomplishment reportPNC members submit agency reports on nutrition program (quarterly)Consolidate reports submitted by PNC agency membersMs. Luningning P. Rhodes Ms. Rhea Joyce S. De Vera or other PGO-NPSD Staff15-20 days or more depending on the completeness of the agency accomplishment reports    Agency report on nutrition program    –    NPSD
  Present consolidated report to PNAO for review. If there’s no revision, it’s presented to the Provincial Governor for approval  Ms. Luningning P. RhodesDepends on the availability of the PNAO and the Provincial GovernorFormulated PNAP accomplishment report  PHO
  Submits copy of report to the National Nutrition Council Regional Office, Region 02Ms. Luningning P. Rhodes1 dayPNAP accomplishment report, Transmittal  –  Tuguegarao City