This year is momentous in the history of our Province as we celebrate our 50th Founding Anniversary on September 10, 2021. The theme for this yearโ€™s celebration is โ€œQuirinoโ€™s Golden Age: A Leap Towards A Brighter Future.โ€ Despite the health crisis that the world is facing, this year is still worthy of grand celebrations to commemorate the past accomplishments of our province, its strength and resilience to accept the challenges of the times and its hope for a brighter future!

The journey of the province for the past 50 years was a very colorful one. Its evolution was not without challenges. Its leadership was not without hurdles. Its people have had their own share of triumphs and defeats. But overall, the Province and its people always emerge united and victorious as it always boasts of unity in diversity!

Despite our current circumstances, we all deserve this grand VIRTUAL celebration. This will be an avenue for us to be there for each other and to continue to be each otherโ€™s strength!

Kaya tayo ng tumutok sa mga naka line-up na activities para sa ating ika 50th Anibersaryo ng ating Lalawigan na mag-uumpisa sa September 4, 2021, dito lamang sa Quirino Province FB Page.

Happy 50th Founding Anniversary, Kailyan! Happy Panagdadapun Festival 2021!